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From two different magazines I wanted to include these images in my blog because of there well done typography. The treatment that the body text has received is really well done. Something that I didn't realize was so hard to do until I tried it myself.
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I really enjoyed the playfulness of the square motif in this magazine spread. I failed to write down where I obtained this layout from. I have noticed a common mixture of serif body type and a sans serif title while looking for blog posts this semester. Something I really did not pay much attention to before this class. The leading in the body copy might be as tight as it can get to remain legible. They might have to do this to keep the angles looking nice for the representation of the square. I really enjoyed the harmonious color scheme in this spread. It makes you feel comfortable and at home.
This was an article that I found in Women's Health magazine. It talks about how popular women in society are going vegan. The type is mixed between a serif and sans serif typeface. The title page has a large V on it in yellow. Usually yellow wouldn't be a first choice in color because of its contrast, but with the drop shadow it works quite well. The opposite page carries a four column recipe for butternut squash. It is the imagery that really pulled me into the article.
This is a one page spread that I found in Rolling Stone magazine. It is a informational piece about the bassist Flea from the Red Hot Chile Peppers. I will have to say that I was originally drawn to the article because of the musician, but looking closer I really enjoyed the type treatment especially with the word wrap. There are two typefaces in this article but main type is a quite readable serif. Some might say that there is too much packed into this single page, but I have become accustomed to seeing this in Rolling Stone and I don't really mind it. 
The first thing that caught my eye about this article in Bloomberg Businessweek was the text wrap that was going on with the body type. It is a magazine article about the trouble with oil. There are two typeface classifications in this article both serif in the body copy and a sans serif in the title. The three column spread is done rather well and is quite powerful in the black and white structure. The negative space really holds the article together.
This is magazine spread from Yes magazine. It caught my eye with the large red lips on the first page. The article is about a Chinese-American singer-songwriter, actor, producer, and film director. The layout is nicely done with sans serif type. This is the intro paragraph for the article.
This is a Swiss inspired design from an art show brochure. I have always enjoyed the simplicity of Swiss design. The sans serif type which was popular during that era is prominently displayed flush left.