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The Moulin Rouge poster was one of the first mass produced posters of its time. I chose this poster because we dove back to the roots of graphic design in this weeks homework. I actually got to see one of these posters at the Krannert Art Museum last semester. It was actually quite a site to see not realizing how large the posters were back then.

I found this image in Graphic Design A History by Alain Weill.
Art director Helmut Krone laid down the guidelines for a line of Volkswagen advertisements where the image occupied two-thirds of the available space usually in the form of a small photo on a white background.This method made for some pretty dynamic and active ads. Other campaign slogans copied this idea that was first created in the early sixties.

I found this image in Graphic Design: A History by Alain Weill.
This is a AGI Congress and exhibit poster done by Staff Geissbuhler who studied at the Basil School
of design. I found this image in the book Graphic Design Referenced by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and
Armin Vit. This was chosen by the authors to represent some of Geissbuhler's better works. I found
the composition interesting because of its positive and negative spacing. The big bold sans serif type,
with the image of the chariot racer and horses makes it intriguing to me. This was designed in 2005.